Our Story Catering Pono Foods

Catering from humble beginnings…

Pono Aina Catering, like a fruit waiting for harvest started as a seed; our community is the same. We’re planting the seed of brighter tomorrows today. Pono Aina Catering gives locals and tourists a place to come together and celebrate good, hard, honest work – the work done by the hands of our neighbors. The good harvested from our mountains and oceans helps us thrive.

Our Catering Values
– Local, Wild, Fresh and Sustainable Food
– Delicious Simple Food
– Our connection to our sustainable farmers
– Hawaiian/Apache traditions and heritage connected to food
– Creative cooking
– Sharing our food with others

Our philosophy in catering

To provide nutritious, delicious, local fresh wild gourmet food experiences for families and individuals within our community in direct support of local farmers and supporting sustainable farming, gathering, and hunting practices.

Our philosophy is also to share in the stories of food, heritage, traditional practices and new twists on Hawaiian foods all while providing an experience of our deep connection to Hawaii and its fragile ecosystem.

About the catering menu

Pono Aina Catering strives to meet the dietary needs of the clients and party. Our goal is to source all ingredients for our food from Hawaiian farms, vendors, hunters and foragers. The flexible menu will work with vegetarians, pescetarians and carnivores alike. Catering prices are determined by the number and type of dishes ordered by the client, also by and if you are willing to have a hand in or work to produce and execute the event.  Call Pono Aina Catering for your next party today.

What we believe and follow

Father Sky, Mother Earth, we thank you for your blessings, the sun, the rain, the ground and the richness with which you have blessed this land and ocean with. As we enjoy the nourishment of our bodies let us not forget our connections to the land, the people, the animals, the birds, the insects, the hunters, the prey and all of the life given to this meal so that our life may also be filled with blessings to be a blessing.

Remind us of our connection to the universe, the circle of life; of this earth we remain rooted and someday will return to its soil. Allow us to contemplate the labor and those whom we do not see who gave of their sweat, knowledge and time, planted, sowed, and those who hunted, speared and brought us all together to share at the table with our friends and neighbors. Fill us with blessings and to be of right thought to invite now and again the strangers in need so that we may bless them and forward them to bless themselves and others in living pono. Mahalo.

Ignacio, Chef cook