Gallery Pono at Work

Breakfast at Green Rows

Fresh greens and eggs from organic free range chickens. On site harvested greens and all prepped over an open fire.


Growing Our Foods

Having a hand in growing our own foods, selecting the right seeds, caring and nurturing what we grow as well as giving praise and thanks to the spirit of the land and our food, creates the taste and the medicine we eat.


Hunting Our Foods

Hunting is a sacred process and we take great care in doing it ethically. From learning how to make our own bow, arrows, tracking, and being at one with the spirit of our cousins and the sacrifice of which we eat, we create harmony and give respect for the life we take.

Land, Sea, Life.

The language of the land and of the sea is the language of all native people who live in harmony and in relationship with the food source. By reconnecting with the life and spirit of food, we connect back to our well being.

–Chef Ignacio–

Green Rows Farm-7

Everything Begins Small

By carefully crafting and sharing our ideas and food, we nurture what we want to grow in our garden, home, community and world. Grow Aloha!


Sharing meals, sharing culture

By sharing food and talking story about the food, we share the spirit of the food. It is by the fire that our ancestors passed on knowledge and held tight the warmth of community. This is what we strive to share.

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Together we make the future

Through sharing of labor, stories, farming, hunting, cooking and preserving, we pass on the knowledge. We work with Ehuola, Kokuka Kalihi Valley, Roots, Hawaii Youth Correctional Facility, and Foster Children of Hawaii to share in food, teaching, learning and passing along what we can give. In doing this we gather together our strength to build up our communities.